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Migraine Prophylaxis

Can Acupuncture help with Migraines?

Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic

If you are in Brisbane and looking for holistic ways to manage your migraines, you'll be please to know recent research has shown that acupuncture can help with migraines, but more specially migraine prophylaxis (McDonald & Janz, 2017). 

If you have ever suffered from migraines, you know that it can be quite debilitating and can effect a  quality of life and productivity. Migraines are becoming more and more prevalent with 1 in 10 people being effected, with incidences presenting higher in females than in men (Woldeamanuel, 2017). 

Migraines are more than just a headache, as it has associated symptoms such as sensitivity to light or noise, nausea and avoidance of exertion (Jenkins, 2020). Although there are pharmacological options available for the treatment of migraines, it is important to address the root problem of the migraines to prevent them occurring in the first place. 

Lifestyle changes are often underestimated, but should really be considered, particularly form a Traditional Chines Medicine perspective. At Lang Acupuncture Brisbane, there is an importance in assessing the body holistically, which does include looking at dietary and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your presenting symptoms. Some lifestyle triggers that may contribute to symptoms of migraines presenting include sleep imbalances, stress, dietary triggers, dehydration and caffeine and overuse (Jenkins, 2020). Acupuncture, which involves the insertion of fine sterile needles into specific acupuncture points on the body, has been shown in research to help with the prevention of migraines (McDonald & Janz, 2017).


Acupuncture is considered a safe and long-lasting treatment of option for the prevention of migraines (McDonald & Janz, 2017). A overall review of high quality randomised controlled trials and 2 Cochrane systematic reviews, conducted by McDonald & Janz (2017), found acupuncture to be an 'effective' method to help prevent migraines compared to control. Acupuncture was also shown to be just as effective as conventional options to reduce the frequency of migraines (McDonald & Janz, 2017).


Therefore, acupuncture for migraines would be a good option for those who are looking for a non drug option or would like to better manage their migraines in conjunction with conventional medications/options prescribed by your doctor. 


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Acupuncture for 
Migraine Prevention

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