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Our Acupuncturist

Highgate Hill Acupuncture Clinic

Meet Ava. 

Ava is our primary acupuncturist in our Brisbane Acupuncture clinic. Dr. (Ava) Thu Nguyen is a doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine and is a registered practitioner with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). She has a special interest in Women's Health, with a focus on menstrual regulation and fertility support (natural and IVF) as well as emotional wellbeing. 

Acupuncturist in Brisbane
AACMA Brisbane Acupuncture
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What got you into your current profession as an Acupuncturist?

I came from a Western Medicine background as a Pharmacist, so naturally, with all the social and educational conditioning I was a huge sceptic of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and holistic health. I always have a chuckle about how things have changed. Through the journey of supporting my parents with their terminal illnesses, my mind began to seek answers to questions that couldn’t be answered by the Western medical system. Chinese Medicine sees our overall health a synergistic interplay between our physical body, emotions, external environment and the things we consume. This concept wasn’t really a consideration in my Western medical practice, but it intrigued me and that began my journey of becoming an Acupuncturist.


What do you like to do outside of work?


My comfort and calm comes from being creative, so often you’ll find me learning to sew, or doing DIY projects ;) If you ever see me out, I’m probably visiting some quirky markets, thrift shopping, chilling at the beach or trying out different restaurants around town!

What is your advice for anyone embarking on a health journey?

First we must understand. When we have a stronger understanding of why things are happening, we have a clearer path moving forward. 

The journey to health doesn't happen in a day. It requires consistency and persistence to see the results, so remind yourself to be patient. Achieving health is never linear, but very achievable.  If you hit a road block and things don't seem to be shifting it means that another approach is required. To create change we must change. 

Where can we find you on social media?



Book an appointment at our Highgate Hill acupuncture clinic with Ava HERE


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