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IVF Acupuncture

Highgate Hill, West End, Fairfield, Brisbane


Lang Acupuncture and Holistic Health is an integrative Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic. We aim to work synergistically with your IVF doctors and specialists to support you through your fertility journey. Acupuncture is now being recommended by many IVF clinics as an adjunct therapy, as more and more research is showing potential benefits (see below)

Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years (Zhu et al., 2021). Originating in China, acupuncture relies on the strategic placement of tiny needles that stimulate certain key energy points and assist in rebalancing the flow of energy (Qi) that runs through pathways (meridians) of one’s body (Zhu et al., 2021). Modern research has found that these pathways correlate to our bodies’ nervous system (Koppleman, 2018).

From a physiological standpoint, acupuncture for fertility is thought to assist in three ways; by potentially stimulating blood flow to the uterus, thereby creating a healthier environment for your embryo; by facilitating the release of vital chemicals from the brain that influence reproductive hormones; and by potentially helping to inhibit stress hormones that can negatively impact the early stage of conception (Hullender Ruben et al., 2015; Manheimer, 2007, Bhal, 2001). 

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Why Are Women Undertaking IVF Acupuncture for fertility Support?

IVF treatment can be a physically demanding and mentally straining time for a lot of women. Not only are you undertaking what many consider to be the last resort for having a child, but the journey to this point has been onerous, anxiety triggering, stressful and no doubt created a sense of ‘urgency’ to conceive (Smith et al., 2019). 

IVF acupuncture Brisbane helps women in three ways

During the initial phases of IVF, some patients can become nervous about the processes that lay ahead, especially since it can be quite an invasive experience. To help in combating the stresses and anxieties that come with the early stages of fertility treatment, acupuncture has become a popular therapy to reduce stress and promote a better sense of wellbeing for individuals which is crucial in the early stages of IVF (Smith et al., 2019).

One’s overall health, especially parts of the body centred around the wellbeing of pregnancy, are essential for the success of IVF. 


What if I have already started IVF?

If you’re currently going through IVF, you’re probably well down the road in your fertility journey. We can still help to support you throughout the entire IVF process. As we support you through each phase of the IVF journey, from egg pick-up, to your embryo transfer and your two week (or 10 day) wait, we aim to help you feel educated, empowered, informed and supported. The IVF process can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging, and our regular appointments can help you to relax, refocus and dissolve any feelings of overwhelm that can accompany the process. With each appointment, we take into account which stage of the IVF cycle you are at, and address any specific needs of that day/phase, whilst reconnecting you with a sense of balance and calm.

How does fertility acupuncture at our Brisbane clinic work? 

Acupuncture is the strategic placement of fine needles across the body that can help to stimulate certain ‘energy points’ or ‘Qi’ that regulate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance (Smith et al., 2019). When focused on supporting fertility, acupuncture may help balance your bodies systems whilst also supporting modern reproductive treatments like IVF and IUI (Cochrane et al., 2014).

When should you get fertility acupuncture?

How often should you get fertility acpuncture?

Ideally, a preparatory phase focusing on getting your body and menstrual cycle as healthy and balanced as possible is recommended. A minimum of 3-6 months to start is recommended. This is because your egg and sperm quality reflect the health your body has been in the previous 90-120 days they have taken to develop (McGee & Hsueh, 2000). Lifestyle factors such as nutrition, stress levels and energy levels during those 90-120 days all have an impact on your fertility (Hullender Ruben et al., 2015). Taking the time to focus on rebuilding and balancing, ensures your body is in the most receptive state possible to conceive and go on to birth a healthy baby.

It takes time to resolve fertility issues and return your health to a state where it is most receptive to pregnancy, as presenting disharmonies don’t just happen overnight. As such, rebalancing the menstrual and hormonal disharmonies can take some time. This duration can vary for between person to person. When fertility issues or predisposed conditions are present, there is a higher emphasis on lifestyle and dietary factors in addition to acupuncture as part of the holistic approach to regulating the body (Hullender Ruben et al., 2015). 

During the preparatory phase, weekly treatments are best evidence based practice, with the focus on regulating the menstrual cycle to support female reproduction (Hullender Rubin et al., 21015). This applies to acupuncture for natural fertility support as well as acupuncture for IVF support. Incorporating the TCM philosophies, treatments are divided based on the four phases of the menstrual cycle (i.e menses, follicular phase, ovulation, luteal phase), with each week of treatment supporting each phase of the menstrual cycle (Hullender Rubin et al., 2015). 

For IVF acupuncture support specifically, research has also shown that incorporating acupuncture prior to egg pick up and before and after embryo transfers may increase the success rates of IVF compared to no intervention (Hullender Rubin et al., 2015; Xie et al., 2019). 

Where are needles placed for fertility acupuncture?

Everyone is different, which is why our professional acupuncturists will first assess each patient to determine the most beneficial placement of our needle treatment. The lower abdomen is one of the more common areas for needle placement but there are other important areas on the legs, hands, arms and feet that can aid in supporting fertility (Hullender Rubin et al., 2015; Lyttleton, 2013).

How often do I need to visit for acupuncture for fertility support?

This completely depends on the individual and how much time their body needs to adjust to both acupuncture treatment and IVF (Hullender Rubin et al., 2015). Once we have undertaken a complete analysis of a patient, we create a specific treatment plan that may require weekly visits. Generally the treatment frequency can range from 1-2 treatments per week. 

The Clinic - Lang Acupuncture and Holistic Health

Lang Acupuncture is a boutique acupuncture clinic in Highgate Hill, Brisbane that has a strong focus on women's health pertaining to IVF acupuncture support, natural fertility acupuncture, menstrual regulation and menstrual health, pregnancy support and postpartum care. Our clinic caters to clients from all over Brisbane including but not limited to areas of Highgate Hill, West End, Annerley, Woolloongabba, Holland Park, South Brisbane.

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IVF Acupuncture

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