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Cupping Therapy 

Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic

Cupping is a physical method involving the placement of glass cups on the skin, often used in conjunction with acupuncture. Traditionally, cupping has been used for releasing stiff muscles, headache relief, and cold/flu relief, and is very safe when performed by an experienced practitioner.  A vacuum is created within the cup, which is then placed on the skin, gently drawing in to increase circulation to the area (Aboushanab & Alsanad, 2018). At Lang Acupuncture Jindalee cupping clinic, we generally use massage oil on the area first and then apply the glass cups one by one, checking in with you all the time to ensure you are comfortable. Cupping is thought to promote healing & immune processes by helping to draw blood to the local area in focus (Aboushanab & Alsanad, 2018)! One thing to note is that cupping may leave a temporarily coloured mark on the skin – depending on the amount of release in that area, these marks may remain for a couple of hours to up to two weeks. The marks are painless, but may be interesting to others to see. At Lang Acupuncture and Holistic Health Brisbane, we love cupping and are experienced in its applications.

Our Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic

Lang Acupuncture is an integrative Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic committed to providing the best outcomes for our patients, and empowering them along their journey to optimal wellness. Our acupuncture treatment rooms reside inside Gaia Mu Temple in Highgate Hill, Brisbane, which is in a convenient location with easy access and street parking.  

We are an integrative Brisbane acupuncture clinic and liaise with other health professionals to ensure you receive the safest and most optimal healthcare. 

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