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Acupuncture and
Emotional Wellness

Acupuncture and Emotional Well-being

Emotional Wellness in Brisbane 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the emotions that present are equally as important as our physical manifestations. The mind-body connection is a prominent concept in Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Emotions can affect the flow of qi within the body and subsequently present as physical symptoms and vice versa. As such, our Brisbane acupuncture clinic focuses on these traditional concepts when approaching mental emotional ailments. 

Life will bring many emotional and physical demands. Whether you are needing support for general stress, processing grief, feeling stuck in life, lacking motivation or wanting to explore the TCM perspective of trauma presentation, our qualified Acupuncturists at Lang Acupuncture will guide you through an all encompassing approach. 

This approach to supporting your emotions and the regulation of the 'flow' within the body will always include acupuncture and may also include other techniques (listed below) depending on your body presentation on the day. 

Tuina Massage (Abdominal and/or back and shoulders)

TCM Dietary Therapy 


TCM Herbal Medicine 

Guided lifestyle adjustments based on TCM theory

The use of these adjunct techniques may vary session to session depending on how your body is presenting on the day of your appointment. 

Our Acupuncture Clinic

Lang Acupuncture and Holistic Health is located in the inner city Brisbane suburb of Highgate Hill. 

"Take care of your mind,
and your body will thank you.
Take care of your body,
and your mind will thank you." 

- Debbie Hampton

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