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Brisbane Acupuncture General Wellbeing


Acupuncture for General Health

Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic

At Lang Acupuncture and Holistic Health, whether you suffer from allergies, chronic sinusitis, debilitating chronic migraines, chronic low back pain, you will be treated with care and respect. 


We see both males and females of all ages, including singles, couples and children for a variety of different conditions. 

A few examples of the common presentations at Lang Acupuncture Highgate Hill Clinic:

  • Musculoskeletal issues – Acupuncture has been shown to have some benefit for muscular aches and pains such as, chronic and acute lower back pain, osteoarthritic pain of the knee, tension type headaches (McDonald & Janz, 2017)

  • Allergic Rhinitis ( seasonal and perennial ) (McDonald & Janz, 2017)

  • Migraines – preventing migraines is one area of research where acupuncture has proven to have a positive effect (McDonald & Janz, 2017)



If you are unsure as to whether acupuncture and Chinese Medicine may help you, please send an enquiry to

Who visits our Brisbane clinic?

We never claim to be a replacement for Western Medicine –  at Lang Acupuncture, we believe in the integrative approach to medicine - all medicine done well is good medicine when utilised at the right time.  

Our patients may want to take back some control over their health, whether that be for physical health, emotional regulation or general wellbeing. Sometimes you are seeking a different perspective to what is happening in your body. At Lang Acupuncture Highgate Hill, we respect Western medicine and are happy to work alongside your doctor or specialist.

"If you want to change some part of your health, you need to change habits that got you there in the first place".

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