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6 Ways to Prevent Christmas Fatigue - Preventing Festive Burnout

Christmas is often presented as a joyous time of connection and love, but the reality is, it is not the case for everyone. Whether it is deadlines from work, or the pressures to keep up with friends and family gatherings, Christmas can amplify trauma and stress for some.

Here are some tips to help you get through the festive season without depleting yourself:

1) Set boundaries

Whether its work, friends or family, it is important to set strong boundaries. Christmas can be a stressful time for many. Setting strong boundaries around work, friends and family is going to be important to help conserve your own energy.

2) Schedule in rest

Ensure you are not committing to too much in your schedule. Incorporate some slow days and night into your schedule. If you are expecting some late nights out, ensure you are getting enough sleep on the days around these nights out.

3) Incorporate daily habits to manage stress

Here are some ideas:

  • Acupuncture and/or massage

  • Light walks

  • Slow breathing exercise

  • Meditation

  • Listening to calm music

  • Yoga

  • Light stretching

  • Do things that bring you joy

4) Nourish your body

The correct fuel will not only give you physical energy but also provide stronger mental resilience. Ensure you are eating as much whole foods as possible. Prepare ahead of time to limit the chances of making unhealthy choices.

5) Reassess Personal Expectations

You may have set goals to achieve before the year ends. Not achieving these goals may bring a sense of stress and disappointment. Be gentle and kind with yourself. Focus on what can be achieved instead. Remember that any progress no matter how big or small is on step closer to your goal.

6) Seek Emotional Support

If things start to get overwhelming or if this season triggers traumas for you, ensure you reach out to a qualified practitioner to help you get through the season. Remember that you are never alone.


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